We Create This Articel With Love!!

Just need to be remember the when the moment is come through

When the you hang your childrens stockings at the mantel shortly after Thanksgiving they find a “Magic Wand” in each of their Christmas stockings. “What’s this!?” “Don’t know.”

When Santa arrives on Christmas Eve the last thing he does is hide their “special Christmas gift” somewhere in the house where only they can find it. At the end of The Christmas Web; the yarn on the magic wand has been unwond by Santa leading them to their special Christmas gift.

Your children wake Christmas morning with the eager anticipation of opening their Christmas gifts from Santa. As they leave their rooms they encounter a “web”; a Christmas Web. The web winds throughout the house; around chairs, window latches, and door knobs, moving from one room to the next.

“Last night Santa delivered all our Christmas gifts and your Elf told Santa of a Special Christmas Gift that you really want. So that no one else gets your Special Christmas Gift Santa hid it where only you can find it and provided you with this Magic Wand in your Christmas stocking that will lead you to your Special Christmas Gift.”-tnsxmas.com